Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls

Holiday gift guide

This would be a great gift for that little girl who isn’t quite ready to ride her bike without training wheels. This bike allows them to learn how to balance with no training wheels.

Who doesn’t love an easy bake oven!? These are so much fun! While it still requires supervision, this allows little girls (and boys) to easily bake some yummy goodies themselves!

This is a great tablet for games and fun times for those younger kids. There are lots of parental controls you can add to limit screen time plus more.

My daughters love to cook! I’m so glad about that, because I hate it and always have. My husband does the cooking in our house. He loves to teach our girls how to cook. This is one of the best cookbooks for kids we have tried. It has some delicious recipes which are fun for my girls to help cook!

We won a Disney basket in a silent auction at my daughter’s school. This Disney princess necklace kit was in the basket. My youngest daughter absolutely loved it. She loved it so much that she told my niece all about it, so of course my niece also got one and loved it! This is a fun crafty gift that is sure to be loved!

We bought this scooter for my youngest daughter this summer and it was a huge hit. She loves it. It is easy for her to ride due to the two wheels in the front providing extra support. I love giving gifts that encourage getting outside and staying active.

If you know a little girl who loves Disney as much as we do, this would be an amazing gift. There are so many dolls included along with a lot of fun accessories. My youngest daughter got this for Christmas last year. She is still constantly playing with these dolls. These dolls are pricy individually. Buying this kit is a great deal.

Thanks for sticking around for my Holiday Gift Guide series this week!!  Come check out my video below to get further description of these products!

Holiday Gift Guide for Tween and Teen Girls

holiday gift guide

These cameras are too cute. They come in several different colors. It is so much fun for girls to be hanging out with their friends taking pictures and automatically having the pictures printed out for display. I listed this in my gift guide for tech lovers also. In that post, I mentioned that there are so many picture frames and other fun ways to display these prints that are available to buy also.

Where was dry shampoo when I was a teenager!? I remember my aunt teaching me how to use baby powder in a similar manner of dry shampoo, but that was always so messy and not worth the hassle. My hair was pretty oily as a teenager, so I had to wash it every morning. I can’t live without dry shampoo these days! I know teen girls would love this gift of dry shampoo, so they can sleep in a little extra some mornings!

This is a great Bluetooth speaker for the price! We got one of these for our oldest daughter last year for Christmas and the sound quality is amazing. It also comes in several colors. It stays charged for a very long time.

Learning how to start caring for our hair is one of the fun parts of growing up. Girls who are going from young girls who have had their mom caring for their hair into older girls who are ready to learn how to style their own hair will love having their own hair dryer.

Who doesn’t love flair pens!? These are great for coloring and writing on just about anything. They come in so many cute colors and are sure to be a hit!

What better gift to pair up with those flair pens but a great planner. I have used Erin Condren planners for the past couple years, and they have been great. Teenage girls are learning how to organize their busy lives and a planner could really help with that!

This would be great to go along with the previously mentioned hair dryer. My daughter is ten and is just starting to slowly gain appreciation for how much smoother her hair looks after using a flat iron. This would be a great gift for those girls beginning to get into doing their own hair.

This is a cute gift to encourage increasing a girl’s level of fitness in a fun way. There are a lot of ways to join step challenges with friends to have fun competitions and stay healthy! Besides, the steps don’t really count these days unless they’re being tracked. Am I right or am I right?

Girls this age love having sleepovers and hanging out with friends. This would be a great gift to give her a cute bag to pack all of her things in for those overnight trips away from home.

What are some of your recommendations for tween and teen girls?  Check out my video below for further description of each product!

Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

holiday gift guide

Welcome to day three of the Holiday Gift Guide series!

These cameras are so great for taking cute pictures and automatically having something printed to display. Due to the popularity of these cameras, there are so many picture frames and other fun ways to display these prints that are available to buy also.

This car mount is a great multitasker! Not only does it hold your phone up so you can see your GPS, etc. while driving, but it also charges phones that have the wireless charging capability.

For those iPhone lovers out there, this is a great gift! Bluetooth headphones are so great for having the freedom to listen to music while not being tied down with cords to your phone. Great for those gym goers!

This is a great bluetooth speaker for the price! We got one of these for our oldest daughter last year for Christmas and the sound quality is amazing. It also comes in several colors. It will stay charged for a very long time.

I have one of these fast chargers sitting on my desk for work. I love that it is a wireless fast charger, but also holds my phone up to allow me to watch videos or talk on Facetime.

This device is so great for turning your home into a smart home. We have several Google devices in different rooms in our home. This has so many functions from helping you with questions you may need answered, to playing music, to turning off and on your lights! We have set up a lot of rooms in our home with the special plugs and light bulbs to be able to say, “Ok Google, turn off the living room lights”. We even have our Christmas tree set up so Google can turn the Christmas tree lights off and on! There are so many things this Google home is capable of doing!

We recently got the Nest doorbell, and I love it! If someone comes to your door, you are automatically notified on your phone. They don’t have to push the doorbell for it to notify you. If someone is standing within range, it will notify you that someone is near your front door. It will record a video of the person. This also allows you to talk to the person at your door through the doorbell. A lot of people’s homes get broken into during the day when intruders think people aren’t home. If someone were to come to your door at any hour and you weren’t home, you could talk to them through the doorbell and make it appear that you are home, but just unable to answer the door.

What are some of your gift recommendations?  Check out my video listed below for further description of each product!

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

holiday gift guide

Welcome to day two of my Holiday Gift Guide series!  We all know those special ladies in our life who we would love to pamper!  These gift ideas would be a safe choice for most women.  I don’t know about you, but if I had twenty pairs of slippers and I received another pair of slippers as a gift, I would be thrilled!  I can’t get enough cozy gifts!  Winter is definitely the perfect time to receive gifts that are comfy and cozy since all you really want to do is get cuddled up on the couch with a nice warm cup of coffee in cozy clothes to stay warm on those cold days!

These socks are so soft and warm!  I work from home, so during the colder months I always have a pair of warm socks on.  Winter is also when our skin typically gets the driest.  It’s a great idea to put a great moisturizer on our feet and put a pair of socks on to help the moisturizer sink in and help our skin stay baby soft!

A great robe is always nice to have.  This robe is not only soft and comfy but also super cute!

I grew up with a family tradition where we opened up one gift on Christmas Eve.  This gift was always a pair of new cute pajamas.  My mom always did a great job of picking out pajamas we would love.  She still continues that tradition and gets us a pair of new pajamas each year.  I love continuing this tradition!  One place that always has adorable and affordable pajamas is Old Navy.

I bought a Yeti tumbler about a year ago.  I use it every day to drink my water.  I will fill it up in the morning with a little bit of ice, and it keeps my water ice cold all day long!  This tumbler will also keep your beverage very hot for a long time.  I once made a cup of warm tea in it before a car trip.  It was almost too hot to drink for a couple hours.

Have you ever watched America’s Test Kitchen?  If not, you definitely should!  Whether someone is an expert chef or a beginner, this cookbook would be great!  They do a great job of creating amazing recipes and explaining it in an easy way to follow.

We got an Instant Pot for Christmas last year from my in-laws.  We have used it just about every week since we got it.  Because these are getting so popular, there are so many cookbooks and recipes online for pressure cookers.  It is amazing how quickly you can cook a great meal with this!!  It’s very easy to use!

Although the Yeti tumbler keeps drinks very cold and hot, I prefer to drink my coffee in an actual coffee mug.  I have loved this Yeti mug to keep my coffee hot for a long time!  If I use a normal coffee mug, I usually have to microwave it about four or five times before I finish the cup.  This mug keeps my coffee warm until I finish it.

This is the devotional journal I use daily.  It’s great to write your daily thoughts in while spending time in God’s word.  It gives a Bible verse to read and plenty of space to write your thoughts and things you are grateful for each day.  It comes in different colors, and they are all super cute!

What are some of your suggestions for gifts for those special ladies in our lives?  Check out my video below for further descriptions of each product!

Holiday Gift Guide For Beauty Lovers

holiday gift guide

I just discovered Drunk Elephant products this year, but I absolutely love them!! This would be a great kit for someone who loves Drunk Elephant products already or someone who has never tried them. This offers a great selection of different products to try. These products really have shown visible improvements on my skin!

I’m really not a lipstick girl. For some reason, I love to buy them and then never use them. Instead I like a comfortable lip gloss or lip balm that adds a little color so my lips don’t look dead. These lip treatments offer comfort and just enough color to complete your look.

Another skin care discovery this year has been this vitamin C Serum. I have used it every morning for a few months and my skin is looking great. I got the OleHenriksen advent calendar last Christmas which had several small samples in it. All of the products were great, but my favorites were the vitamin C serum and the walnut scrub. There are a few gift sets available, and all of them would be great choices!

I absolutely love this body cream. I use this all year round, but I especially love it around the holiday season. This scent is so warm and delicious. I love to take a shower at night, put this lotion on and go to bed smelling like cookies all night long.

My lips get so chapped in the colder months. I keep this lip mask on my nightstand and use it each night before bed. It is very moisturizing and prevents my lips from getting dried out.

As I said before, I’m not a big lipstick lover, but these are the exception. I have these in a few colors and love them all. They are very easy to apply, feel comfortable on your lips and last quite a while.

Each night, after using face wash to remove my makeup, I will go over my face with a makeup wipe to make sure all of my makeup was removed. Some foundations are hard to fully remove! I have had the hardest time finding a face wash that will remove 100 percent of my makeup, until I used this. This face wash has been amazing!! It really does remove all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized!

Check out my video listed below for further description and pictures of each product!  What suggestions do you have for beauty gift ideas?


November Favorites

november favorites

This cleanser is so amazing. My foundation is very long lasting therefore it is really hard to remove completely. This face wash is the first cleanser that I have found that removes all of my makeup! It leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and clean!

I found this and this sweatshirt at Target recently that I’m obsessed with! I will wear these around the house all the time but also during our trip to Disney in January!

I have talked about this before, but I love this moisturizer!! I especially love it in the colder months. It is such a warm and cozy scent that lingers on your skin all day long. It is very moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling so soft.

I got a sample of this product in an advent calendar last year. The sample size lasted at least six months! It is a gritty exfoliant and leaves my skin feeling so smooth.

Essie Couture nail polishes are my favorite! I got this color called Bubbles Only recently, and I find it perfect for the fall and winter months!

I have to say that if I had to choose one eyeshadow palette to keep in my collection, I would choose this one. I like simple eye looks and this palette gives me the perfect every day look while having the potential for a dramatic look as well!

Check out my video below for more products mentioned and further descriptions!! What are some of your favorite products this month?

Guest Bathroom Must Haves

guest bathroom must haves

In my previous post, I told you guys all the ways I try to make my guests feel at home by keeping my guest bedroom stocked up with some important items to keep my guests comfortable. Today, I want to share some things I keep in my guest bathroom to make sure my guests have everything they need while staying in my home.  Here are some guest bathroom must haves.

1. Extra Toiletries

It’s too easy to forget something when you are packing to stay at a friend’s or family member’s home. Instead of your guest going without something they need, I like to keep my guest bathroom stocked up with extra items such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, etc. If they use these toiletries, they are free to take them home after using them if they would like to. Because my sister stays with us sometimes with my nieces and nephew, I also stocked up on some fun kid toiletries for them to use!

2. Extra Toothbrushes

Not much worse than forgetting your toothbrush. I like to keep extra adult and kid toothbrushes just in case one of my guests forget theirs at home.

3. Fresh Clean Towels

I always make sure my guests will have plenty of fresh clean towels and washcloths. I also make sure to tell them where they are located and that they are welcome to use as many as they need. I always like using one towel for my body and one for my hair, and I know everyone has different preferences.

4. Clean Bathroom

If you do nothing else, make sure you provide your guests with a clean bathroom! I am definitely a germaphobe and don’t love showering anywhere but my own home. It makes it easier to shower away from home when you are showering in a nice clean shower.

5. Extra Toilet Paper

Remember when I said earlier that there isn’t much worse than forgetting your toothbrush? I just realized there is definitely something worse.. running out of toilet paper. Don’t make your guests have this experience. Stock up on extra toilet paper where they can easily access it. I have a toilet paper holder next to all of my toilets.

6. Poo-pouri

This fun stuff is something your guests can use if they want to be discrete after ahem.. doing their business. To use Poo-pouri, you spray it directly in the toilet before going to the bathroom, and it helps hide any odors. It really does work! If you haven’t seen the advertisements for this, check them out if you want a good laugh.

7. Hair Dryer

If your guests know you have an extra hair dryer, they can save some space and not have to pack their own. I like to let my guests know I will have one available for them to use before they come for a visit.

8. Space

No matter how much or how little space you have in your guest bedroom, try to keep it clutter free to give your guests as much space as possible to unpack their stuff and get ready.

9. Night Light

It’s always tricky getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom at someone else’s home. You just aren’t used to where you’re walking which makes it hard to get around. By providing a night light in the hallways leading to the bathroom and in the bathroom, this will help your guests make it to the bathroom safely.

I hope this gave you some ideas to get your guest bathroom ready for those guests that will be coming to stay with you. I have a lot of guests coming next week for Thanksgiving, and I’m very excited! Let me know some of the things you all include in your guest bathrooms!

Guest Bedroom Must Haves

guest bedroom must have

The holiday season has arrived!  This means a lot of extra guests at my house during this time of the year. It got me thinking about all the things I like to have available for my guests. I wanted to share some of the guest bedroom must haves I like to have to help my guests feel at home while they are visiting.

1. Fresh Clean Sheets

I would put a comfortable bed as my number one item, but not everyone can afford to go out and buy the best bed for their guests. No matter what kind of bed you have in your guest bedroom, having fresh clean sheets is a must. Even if I know the sheets on my guest bed are clean, I like to wash them right before a guest arrives, so they are smelling nice and fresh.

2. Clean Space

No one wants to stay in a cluttered messy bedroom. Cleaning up the room before your guest arrives is important so they feel comfortable in the space they will be staying.

3. Noisemaker

I can’t sleep without a fan or a noisemaker or something for white noise. I know most of my guests do the same. Because I know most of them like to sleep with white noise, I bought a noisemaker. Having the noisemaker in the bedroom already set up for them helps them sleep just like they would at home.

4. Extra Sheets and Blankets

You never know when an accident of any kind will happen where your guests will need to change their sheets in the middle of the night. They may not feel comfortable waking you up to find new sheets, so I like to have a fresh clean set of sheets handy for them to have just in case. In addition to extra sheets, I like to offer extra blankets. There’s nothing worse than freezing while you’re trying to sleep and wishing you had more blankets. I like to make sure my guests are aware of where the extra sheets and blankets are kept.

5. Comfy Pillows

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on comfy pillows. Sure, if you want to spend big bucks, your guests will love you, but you do want these people to leave at some point, so don’t make them too comfortable! I kid, but seriously I bought some decently priced pillows at Target, and so far, my guests have loved them! Also because some people like soft pillows and soft people like firm pillows, it doesn’t hurt to get different types of pillows to give your guests options.

6. Extra Pillows

To go along with the comfy pillow suggestion is extra pillows. People can be picky with the number of pillows they need to sleep with each night. It’s nice to give your guests the option of having extra pillows to use as needed.

7. Smart Lights

This is not exactly a must have, but it sure is nice! We have a Google Home set up in our guest bedroom. At night when our guests are ready to turn out the lights and go to sleep, they just need to say, “Ok Google, turn off the guest bedroom lights”. They don’t have to worry about reaching over to the nightstand and actually turning off the lamp. Again, this definitely isn’t necessary, but it’s very convenient.

8. Extra Phone Chargers

How many times have you been travelling and realized you forgot your phone charger? It happens to the best of us. It is always nice to have an extra phone charger or two handy in your guest bedroom just in case they forgot theirs at home.

9. WiFi Password

I like to make sure my guests know our WiFi password right away, so they don’t have to use their data plans on their phones or tablets. We have a printed sheet framed in our guest bedroom which tells our guests the WiFi password.

10. Extra Hangers

Depending on how long your guests will be staying, it’s nice to give them the option of unpacking and having a place to hang their clothes. Even if someone is just staying one night, they may want to hang up clothing items to keep their clothes looking nice and neat. I like to keep an extra stash of hangers just for my guest bedroom closet.

I love entertaining guests. If I could, I would have someone here every weekend! If you can think of anything I’m missing, let me know! I love hearing other ways I can make my guests feel at home.