Elisabeth Ashlie Haul

I fairly recently discovered the Elisabeth Ashlie website to buy jewelry and other really cute things!  I love how a simple piece of jewelry can dress up your leggings and t-shirt!  Throwing on a pair of earrings can make you appear so much more put together than you actually are.

I have been really impressed with the products from this Elisabeth Ashlie website.  I wanted to share a haul of the products that I have bought.  I have a wish list a mile long of other things I want to order, but I’m restraining myself (for now).

I love to layer these two necklaces together.  They look great layered or separate!

I got my wedding date stamped onto this necklace, but there are so many other possibilities of things to get!  The website shows an example of a necklace that says, “I love tacos” and I just about chose that over my wedding anniversary.  Let’s be honest, tacos are greater than wedding anniversaries, right!?

While gold jewelry is my preference most of the time, there are definitely times where I want to wear silver jewelry.  This necklace is available in three different options, including gold, rose gold and silver.  I chose silver because I got the other necklaces in gold and I wanted to mix it up just a bit.  I got my daughters’ names on this necklace.  I love that you can add hearts.  There is also a small disc where I added our last name initial.

There are so many adorable coffee mugs available to order.  I chose this one to start with, and I definitely plan on ordering more!  I’m not sure if they are dishwasher safe, so I have been handwashing mine.

Last but not least, I ordered this candle.  The candles are available in two different sizes, 6oz. and 16oz.  In order to make sure the candle burned well, I ordered the smaller size.  I was definitely impressed with the burning power of this candle.  The sugared fruits scent is perfect for the spring and summer months.

My favorite candles are warmer scents, so I plan on trying the vanilla bourbon one next.  I will be ordering the larger size from now on!  I love how adorable the packaging is!

Not only were these products very high quality, but the shipping was very quick, and the packaging was very protective to avoid the products from being damaged.  This definitely isn’t a new website and I’m sure there are plenty of you that are well aware what a great place this is to order products from, but for those of you who didn’t know about Elisabeth Ashlie, I wanted to share my haul of these products to spread the word!!

Have you all ordered any products from Elisabeth Ashlie?



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