Holiday Gift Guide For Beauty Lovers

holiday gift guide

I just discovered Drunk Elephant products this year, but I absolutely love them!! This would be a great kit for someone who loves Drunk Elephant products already or someone who has never tried them. This offers a great selection of different products to try. These products really have shown visible improvements on my skin!

I’m really not a lipstick girl. For some reason, I love to buy them and then never use them. Instead I like a comfortable lip gloss or lip balm that adds a little color so my lips don’t look dead. These lip treatments offer comfort and just enough color to complete your look.

Another skin care discovery this year has been this vitamin C Serum. I have used it every morning for a few months and my skin is looking great. I got the OleHenriksen advent calendar last Christmas which had several small samples in it. All of the products were great, but my favorites were the vitamin C serum and the walnut scrub. There are a few gift sets available, and all of them would be great choices!

I absolutely love this body cream. I use this all year round, but I especially love it around the holiday season. This scent is so warm and delicious. I love to take a shower at night, put this lotion on and go to bed smelling like cookies all night long.

My lips get so chapped in the colder months. I keep this lip mask on my nightstand and use it each night before bed. It is very moisturizing and prevents my lips from getting dried out.

As I said before, I’m not a big lipstick lover, but these are the exception. I have these in a few colors and love them all. They are very easy to apply, feel comfortable on your lips and last quite a while.

Each night, after using face wash to remove my makeup, I will go over my face with a makeup wipe to make sure all of my makeup was removed. Some foundations are hard to fully remove! I have had the hardest time finding a face wash that will remove 100 percent of my makeup, until I used this. This face wash has been amazing!! It really does remove all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized!

Check out my video listed below for further description and pictures of each product!  What suggestions do you have for beauty gift ideas?


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