Holiday Gift Guide for Tween and Teen Girls

holiday gift guide

These cameras are too cute. They come in several different colors. It is so much fun for girls to be hanging out with their friends taking pictures and automatically having the pictures printed out for display. I listed this in my gift guide for tech lovers also. In that post, I mentioned that there are so many picture frames and other fun ways to display these prints that are available to buy also.

Where was dry shampoo when I was a teenager!? I remember my aunt teaching me how to use baby powder in a similar manner of dry shampoo, but that was always so messy and not worth the hassle. My hair was pretty oily as a teenager, so I had to wash it every morning. I can’t live without dry shampoo these days! I know teen girls would love this gift of dry shampoo, so they can sleep in a little extra some mornings!

This is a great Bluetooth speaker for the price! We got one of these for our oldest daughter last year for Christmas and the sound quality is amazing. It also comes in several colors. It stays charged for a very long time.

Learning how to start caring for our hair is one of the fun parts of growing up. Girls who are going from young girls who have had their mom caring for their hair into older girls who are ready to learn how to style their own hair will love having their own hair dryer.

Who doesn’t love flair pens!? These are great for coloring and writing on just about anything. They come in so many cute colors and are sure to be a hit!

What better gift to pair up with those flair pens but a great planner. I have used Erin Condren planners for the past couple years, and they have been great. Teenage girls are learning how to organize their busy lives and a planner could really help with that!

This would be great to go along with the previously mentioned hair dryer. My daughter is ten and is just starting to slowly gain appreciation for how much smoother her hair looks after using a flat iron. This would be a great gift for those girls beginning to get into doing their own hair.

This is a cute gift to encourage increasing a girl’s level of fitness in a fun way. There are a lot of ways to join step challenges with friends to have fun competitions and stay healthy! Besides, the steps don’t really count these days unless they’re being tracked. Am I right or am I right?

Girls this age love having sleepovers and hanging out with friends. This would be a great gift to give her a cute bag to pack all of her things in for those overnight trips away from home.

What are some of your recommendations for tween and teen girls?  Check out my video below for further description of each product!

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