Weekend Coffee Chat

What a fun week!!  I started this week out in pretty much the best way ever!  My nephew was born on Monday!!  Is there anything better than a sweet baby smell with sweet baby cuddles!?  Definitely not!  My sister blew me away with her strength during labor!  I was blessed to have the opportunity to be in the delivery room.  My brother-in-law was so supportive and loving to my sister during the whole delivery.  I live a little over two hours from my sister, and I can’t wait to get back to see my new nephew (and of course my two sweet nieces)!  Thanks for letting me share my excitement! 😉

I have a lot of fun things coming up for the blog and my YouTube channel.  It’s about time I get back into this!  We are finally settled into our new home.  I will be sharing a home tour soon!

I also have an upcoming weight loss update.  I celebrated my one year anniversary of my surgery this week.  I have a lot to report!

I bought this palette recently.  I love the colors and as always Anastasia eyeshadows never disappoint.  I must have some weird allergic reaction to specific eyeshadows.  In the past, I had the Tartlette in Bloom palette and my favorite shade irritated my eyelids so much I had to give it away.  Unfortunately, my favorite color from the Anastasia palette is irritating my eyes.  It’s so frustrating!  I’m just planning on avoiding that shade and hoping the rest don’t cause irritation because I love this palette!

Anyone else know fall is around the corner when Bath & Body Works starts putting out their fall scents?  I stocked up on some fall candles this week.  I got several of these candles because it is my favorite of all time, but I may move this new scent into the top favorite spot.  Anyone ever eat one of those caramel apple lollipops?  This candle smells so much like that lollipop tastes!  Creamy rich caramel with a tart apple scent.. Yummmm!

Speaking of fall, I bought this scent of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products as soon as they hit Target’s shelves a while ago.  I have been waiting to use them until I decorate for fall.  I’m planning on decorating for fall this weekend, so I’m excited to pull these cleaning products out to put in my kitchen!

Part of me wants summer to hang around forever, but I always look forward to fall.  It is definitely my favorite season.  Since I have lost so much weight, I must have lost my insulation because I stay freezing all the time.  I’m dreading the colder weather, but that’s what comfy socks and pullovers are for!  Also, I couldn’t survive without my space heater!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Keep an eye out for some upcoming fun blog and YouTube posts this coming Wednesday and Friday!

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  1. Love this blog so much! You always inspire me to do things. Whether it’s decorate, or just make my home cozier in general, or maybe just shower… haha

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