Refrigerator Organization Tips

refrigerator organization

I like to go through my refrigerator to take inventory before grocery shopping.  This helps me avoid buying things when we already have things that should be used before buying more!   I also like to take the time and quickly wipe it down to keep it clean.  I definitely don’t take everything out each week and give it a good deep clean, but just a quick wipe down.

Isn’t it so gross when you find caked up food or even worse… a hair… in your refrigerator!?  Am I the only one who gets completely grossed out at finding a random hair in the fridge?  Now you guys are never going to want to come to my house and eat knowing we get random hairs every now and then in our fridge.  Trust me, when I find them, I don’t want to eat here either.  Am I going overboard?  Maybe.

refrigerator organization

Once a week I love making sure everything is gathered together and organized.  For example, all of the yogurts are together, all the protein shakes together, etc.

After getting our groceries home, I will wash our produce, prepare it, and put it in a Tupperware container to keep it fresh.  This helps us to eat up those fruits and veggies instead of letting them go to waste because we get lazy and don’t feel like washing them.

Want to see my fridge?  Click the link below to see me go through my refrigerator and show in detail what I do to keep it looking pretty organized.

Preparing for the New Week – My Sunday Routine

sunday routine

I love a good relaxing Sunday, but I hate that dread at the end of the day of starting a new work week.  That dread multiplies by about a hundred for me if I know I am not prepared for my upcoming week.  If I can look back on my weekend knowing that we had fun as a family and I did everything I could to get organized and prepared for Monday, I feel much better.

Every weekend I will do our meal planning.  After I have gone through my refrigerator and planned which groceries we need, I will sit down and do my online grocery shopping.  Lately I have even started getting grocery delivery.  Talk about a life changer!  Having the groceries ready to go and my weekly meals planned is so nice!  All I have to worry about each night is cooking our meals instead of needing to plan each day and run to the grocery store to get what we need.

sunday night routine

I rely heavily on my weekly planner.  I like to sit down each weekend and plan my week.  Even though I know which days we have our extracurricular activities and other pre-scheduled activities, I like to write them down to look ahead to see how I need to plan around them.  Of course, adding extra things such as doctor’s appointments, hair appointments, etc. is always important to make sure you don’t forget them!  I like to sit down each night to look at my day ahead of me to pre-plan.  There have been many days that I have done this and been so grateful that I reminded myself of something that was going to happen the next day.

My youngest daughter still relies on me to choose her outfits.  I’m sure she could choose her outfits, but who knows what she would end up wearing every day.  Laying out clothes the night before is very helpful, but in her case, I lay out her weekly outfits for school.  I will choose five outfits including her underwear and socks and place them in a cubby in her closet.  She wakes up each morning and gets the outfit on top.  Then, I don’t have to worry about doing one more thing in the morning while we are trying to get out the door on time!  I will also lay my outfit out for the next day.

Both of my girls are in dance classes.  My youngest daughter has specific clothes she has to wear to her dance class.  I like to make sure her clothes are clean and already packed in her dance bag.  This way when she has dance, I know her outfit is all ready to go.

We are blessed with a nice size playroom, but it gets messy!!  Through the week, we are so busy that most of the time it doesn’t get trashed with toys.  On the weekends, however, my girls usually have plenty of time to make a mess.  On Sundays, I will ask my girls to clean it up.  This way it usually stays nice and clean all week.  I will go around and straighten up the rest of the house while they are cleaning the playroom and their rooms.

Each night before school, including Sunday of course, I make their school lunches.  I pack their lunch at night to avoid rushing in the morning before school.  I would much rather sleep for a few extra minutes in the morning then get up early enough to make sure their lunches are packed!

Our trash guys come very early Monday morning.  Each Sunday, I go through the house and empty our small trash cans and my husband will take the trash can out to the street to get it ready to go.

Each of us have different busy schedules, so each person’s Sunday routine will look different.  I hope this inspired you to find what works best for you and your family to get organized and prepared for your upcoming week!  What do you all do to prepare for your upcoming week?


Fall Bucket List


It’s almost officially fall!!  Am I the only one who is this excited about fall coming?  My family and I like to put together a seasonal bucket list each fall to help us remember all the fun things we want to accomplish before the Christmas season is upon us.  I’m listing our bucket list below.  My video goes into more detail about each item as well as showing you some cute pictures from the year we all dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters.  Let me know some fun thing you all do each year!!

  1. Buy a fun Halloween cereal
  2. Buy Halloween lunch snacks
  3. Halloween movie marathon
  4. Bake Halloween cookies
  5. Visit a corn maze or pumpkin patch
  6. Outdoor Halloween movie night with chili
  7. Carve pumpkins
  8. Toast pumpkin seeds
  9. Trick or Treating
  10. Put together family costumes- watch my video to hear about our idea for this year!
  11. Make Halloween music playlist
  12. Cozy dinners- stews, soups, chili
  13. Visit your local Farmer’s Market
  14. Visit the mountains to see the leaves change
  15. Host Thanksgiving dinner
  16. Harry Potter movie marathon
  17. Halloween party
  18. Burn fall candles
  19. Drink wine on the back porch and enjoy the cool air
  20. Decorate for fall

Happy fall y’all!!  🙂


Back To School Organization Hacks

back to school

School has been back in session for over a month where we live.  I was happy to see school start back this year!  We had a busy summer with selling our home and moving.  We were ready to get back into the typical back to school routine!  While going back to school can be exciting, it can also be chaotic, busy, and stressful!  I’m sharing some tips that I use each day to help us stay organized and to decrease my stress.

When the girls come home, they immediately empty their backpacks and lay out their folders for me to sign.  If these aren’t on the kitchen counter for me to see, it is too easy to forget.  If I don’t sign these when they come home, I end up scrambling the next morning trying to remember all the things that need to be taken care of before we get out the door.

As long as we don’t have any extracurricular activities after school, the girls usually get about a thirty minute break before doing homework and all the evening things such as chores, showers, etc.  They enjoy coming home and unwinding after school.

One of the most helpful tips I can offer is to lay out your kid’s outfits for the entire week on Sunday night.  My oldest daughter picks out her clothes each night herself, but I lay out my youngest daughter’s weekly outfits each Sunday.  This allows me to do it once and not have to think about it all week long.  She wakes up every morning and already has her clothes picked out for her.

Another super helpful tip is to pack school lunches at night.  I try to pack lunches at night before bed to avoid taking the time to do it in the morning.  Mornings are so much more chaotic when I have to pack lunches before we head out the door.

I rely on my planner and my wall calendar to remind me of upcoming events such as picture day, etc.  I also keep up with which extracurricular activities are coming up.  There is so much to keep up with!  I could never keep up with it all without writing it down!

I have some other tips shown in the video below.  I hope this inspires you to get organized to help decrease stress as you’re getting your kiddos back to school!!


10 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

I love finding great shows to binge watch on Netflix!  Just like reading a book, getting into a show can be so immersive and fun to do!  Once I finish a great show, I always get sad and can’t wait to find a new show to start watching.  I always need good recommendations for different shows to check out.  I have 10 recommendations of great shows on Netflix and 1 bonus show on Hulu.  I’ll list the shows below.  These are in no particular order.  It would be too hard to rank these from best to worst!  If you would like further descriptions for each show, check out my video listed below!

  1. Reign
  2. Mad Men
  3. Call the Midwife
  4. The Crown
  5. Grace & Frankie
  6. Parenthood
  7. Stranger Things
  8. The Tudors
  9. Breaking Bad
  10. Sons of Anarchy

Bonus- The Handmaid’s Tail on Hulu

Let me know some of your recommendations!!


Weekend Coffee Chat

weekend coffee chat
I hope you all have had a great week so far!   My dad is coming to visit this weekend so we are all excited to see him!  It’s a perfect weekend for him to come visit as tomorrow is Grandparent’s Day!!  My girls are incredibly blessed with amazing grandparents!

There are so many exciting things around the corner for me.  I am working on learning as much as possible about becoming a Disney travel agent.  Disney World is my favorite place in the whole world!  I love planning every detail of our trips almost as much as I love actually going on vacation.  I can’t wait to start planning Disney trips for other families!  As soon as I’m ready to jump into planning, I will let you know!  I will be starting a new YouTube channel and blog associated with this one but it will be all about Disney.  I’ll have tons of Disney tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your next trip!

Both of my girls have been biting their nails recently, which drives me crazy.  That’s such a nasty habit and no matter how much I tell them how gross that is, they keep doing it!  They both have told me it’s a hard habit to break.  I told them I was going to buy this on Amazon to put on their nails.  My oldest daughter was so grossed out at the thought of having something yucky tasting on her nails, just the warning of applying it was enough to break her habit, but I did apply it to my youngest daughter’s nails.  I applied it about 5 days ago.  I can already see her nails starting to grow back.  So far this stuff has really worked!

I bought this new eyeshadow palette this week.  I used it for the first time this morning and so far I love it!!  Not only do you have a million different options of eye looks, but it is so cheap at just $20!

I had a few people asking me about the bean bags I showed in my home tour.  These bean bags come empty and you can put stuffed animals or dress up clothes or anything soft to fill them for storage and seating.  They are great for mutli-purposing!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Upcoming posts for next week:

Monday- on my YouTube channel- my 1 year WLS anniversary with my weight loss updates

Wednesday- 10 Netflix shows to binge watch (This one was really fun to make!)

New Home Tour

We recently moved right outside of Nashville, TN.  I wanted to give you guys a tour of our new home!  We are loving this area so far and couldn’t be happier!  The girls have already made so many new friends and love their new school.

We were going to put our TV above this fireplace in the living room.  I am so happy we changed our mind.  I sat down and drew out a plan of how I wanted to decorate the fireplace and everything fell right into place!  I can’t wait to add some fall decor into the mix!

I love the open concept of this home.  It is open just enough but each room has its own separation.  I am loving the hardwood floors also.

The guest bedroom is my favorite room in the house!  It is so cozy and inviting.  I got this Be Our Guest sign off of Amazon.  We have our Google home set up where our guests can say “okay Google, turn on or off the guest bedroom lights”.

Reese’s room is a mermaid theme.  She asked me to decorate with mermaids, so I did!  Finley has more of a “pre-teen room”, which you can see in my video listed below.  Reese loves this tent we bought at Target.  It has a little star chandelier at the top of the tent.  She can turn on the lights and read in her tent.

We love our home so much!  I hope you enjoy the tour!  Click the video below if you would like the full tour.  Have a great day!

Target Dollar Spot Fall and Halloween Decor 2018

In my opinion, fall is definitely the best time of year!!  Don’t get me wrong, I have really enjoyed the heat of this summer, but I am so ready to feel that crisp chilly air and get to cuddle up in my warm cozy clothes with a hot cup of tea or coffee in front of my fireplace!  Can’t you just hear the sound now of stepping on those crisp leaves on the ground?

I recently went to Target and noticed they are starting to put out their fall and Halloween decor!  We’re officially in September and only weeks away from fall, so I say it’s fair game to start decorating for fall!  I know you die hard summer fans are scoffing at that last sentence.

I wanted to take you guys along with me as I shopped the Target Dollar Spot and see all the fun goodies they are starting to put out!  I hope you enjoy my most recent video!

Have a great rest of the day!

Weekend Coffee Chat

What a fun week!!  I started this week out in pretty much the best way ever!  My nephew was born on Monday!!  Is there anything better than a sweet baby smell with sweet baby cuddles!?  Definitely not!  My sister blew me away with her strength during labor!  I was blessed to have the opportunity to be in the delivery room.  My brother-in-law was so supportive and loving to my sister during the whole delivery.  I live a little over two hours from my sister, and I can’t wait to get back to see my new nephew (and of course my two sweet nieces)!  Thanks for letting me share my excitement! 😉

I have a lot of fun things coming up for the blog and my YouTube channel.  It’s about time I get back into this!  We are finally settled into our new home.  I will be sharing a home tour soon!

I also have an upcoming weight loss update.  I celebrated my one year anniversary of my surgery this week.  I have a lot to report!

I bought this palette recently.  I love the colors and as always Anastasia eyeshadows never disappoint.  I must have some weird allergic reaction to specific eyeshadows.  In the past, I had the Tartlette in Bloom palette and my favorite shade irritated my eyelids so much I had to give it away.  Unfortunately, my favorite color from the Anastasia palette is irritating my eyes.  It’s so frustrating!  I’m just planning on avoiding that shade and hoping the rest don’t cause irritation because I love this palette!

Anyone else know fall is around the corner when Bath & Body Works starts putting out their fall scents?  I stocked up on some fall candles this week.  I got several of these candles because it is my favorite of all time, but I may move this new scent into the top favorite spot.  Anyone ever eat one of those caramel apple lollipops?  This candle smells so much like that lollipop tastes!  Creamy rich caramel with a tart apple scent.. Yummmm!

Speaking of fall, I bought this scent of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products as soon as they hit Target’s shelves a while ago.  I have been waiting to use them until I decorate for fall.  I’m planning on decorating for fall this weekend, so I’m excited to pull these cleaning products out to put in my kitchen!

Part of me wants summer to hang around forever, but I always look forward to fall.  It is definitely my favorite season.  Since I have lost so much weight, I must have lost my insulation because I stay freezing all the time.  I’m dreading the colder weather, but that’s what comfy socks and pullovers are for!  Also, I couldn’t survive without my space heater!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Keep an eye out for some upcoming fun blog and YouTube posts this coming Wednesday and Friday!

Weekend Coffee Chat

I’m back!  I have been pretty absent from both my blog and my YouTube channel lately.  A little over a month ago we sold our house and moved right outside of Nashville.  We have been so busy trying to sell our house and then with our move, so I decided to take a break and focus on getting this move all finished up.  We are getting settled into our new house and loving it so far!

Have you ever had something happen in your life where you just knew God was leading you to go in a certain direction?  That’s how this move felt for me.  We were originally waiting to move to Florida with my husband’s job, but it was taking a while.  We were patiently waiting, but then an opportunity came up with the Nashville area instead of Florida.  God just took care of every little thing with our move to make it work out perfectly!

We have already made new friends and the girls have started their new school.  We absolutely love this Nashville area!  I plan on doing a home tour soon to post on the blog and YouTube channel.

Recently I bought some new skincare products that I’m really liking so far! I have been using this Vitamin C serum every morning before my moisturizer.  It smells so fresh and sinks right into my skin.  I got this moisturizer to use in the morning before my makeup.  The watermelon smell is so delicious, but I’m not 100% sold on this being my all time favorite moisturizer.  I really like it, but I probably will not buy it again.  It is a gel moisturizer and feels slightly sticky on my face for a while.  It doesn’t leave my skin feeling quite as moisturized as I would like it to.

I use this mask once a week.  It is supposed to dramatically smooth the texture of your skin, minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, unclog pores, and boost overall clarity.  Honestly, I expected to be blown away by this mask.  I have used it twice.  The first time, I applied way too thin of a layer and found that I didn’t have many results at all.  The second time, I applied a better amount and still didn’t have the “blow me away” results I was hoping for.  It is very popular and most people love this mask, so I will definitely continue to use it and hope that over time, I will see those results I’m hoping to see.

This marula facial oil is wonderful!  I apply this at night after my eye cream.  It doesn’t just sit on top of my skin like some oils do.  I hate getting into bed at night and feeling like I’m going to wake up with a greasy pillow because my facial oil has gotten all over it.  This oil sinks in just enough and doesn’t leave me feeling like a big grease pit on my face.

I have some exciting things coming up!  I will have a new nephew either Monday or Tuesday of this coming week!!  I cannot wait to see his little face and get to cuddle him!!!  We are planning our next trip to Disney World early 2019.  Disney is absolutely my favorite place on earth!!  I’m even starting to dabble into being a Disney travel agent.  I’m starting the training now.  This will be something I do very part-time, but I look forward to helping others plan their Disney vacations!  I love planning our trips so much, so I thought it would be so much fun to help others!!

I hope you all have an amazing week and thanks for joining me today for these updates!!