Guest Bedroom Must Haves

guest bedroom must have

The holiday season has arrived!  This means a lot of extra guests at my house during this time of the year. It got me thinking about all the things I like to have available for my guests. I wanted to share some of the guest bedroom must haves I like to have to help my guests feel at home while they are visiting.

1. Fresh Clean Sheets

I would put a comfortable bed as my number one item, but not everyone can afford to go out and buy the best bed for their guests. No matter what kind of bed you have in your guest bedroom, having fresh clean sheets is a must. Even if I know the sheets on my guest bed are clean, I like to wash them right before a guest arrives, so they are smelling nice and fresh.

2. Clean Space

No one wants to stay in a cluttered messy bedroom. Cleaning up the room before your guest arrives is important so they feel comfortable in the space they will be staying.

3. Noisemaker

I can’t sleep without a fan or a noisemaker or something for white noise. I know most of my guests do the same. Because I know most of them like to sleep with white noise, I bought a noisemaker. Having the noisemaker in the bedroom already set up for them helps them sleep just like they would at home.

4. Extra Sheets and Blankets

You never know when an accident of any kind will happen where your guests will need to change their sheets in the middle of the night. They may not feel comfortable waking you up to find new sheets, so I like to have a fresh clean set of sheets handy for them to have just in case. In addition to extra sheets, I like to offer extra blankets. There’s nothing worse than freezing while you’re trying to sleep and wishing you had more blankets. I like to make sure my guests are aware of where the extra sheets and blankets are kept.

5. Comfy Pillows

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on comfy pillows. Sure, if you want to spend big bucks, your guests will love you, but you do want these people to leave at some point, so don’t make them too comfortable! I kid, but seriously I bought some decently priced pillows at Target, and so far, my guests have loved them! Also because some people like soft pillows and soft people like firm pillows, it doesn’t hurt to get different types of pillows to give your guests options.

6. Extra Pillows

To go along with the comfy pillow suggestion is extra pillows. People can be picky with the number of pillows they need to sleep with each night. It’s nice to give your guests the option of having extra pillows to use as needed.

7. Smart Lights

This is not exactly a must have, but it sure is nice! We have a Google Home set up in our guest bedroom. At night when our guests are ready to turn out the lights and go to sleep, they just need to say, “Ok Google, turn off the guest bedroom lights”. They don’t have to worry about reaching over to the nightstand and actually turning off the lamp. Again, this definitely isn’t necessary, but it’s very convenient.

8. Extra Phone Chargers

How many times have you been travelling and realized you forgot your phone charger? It happens to the best of us. It is always nice to have an extra phone charger or two handy in your guest bedroom just in case they forgot theirs at home.

9. WiFi Password

I like to make sure my guests know our WiFi password right away, so they don’t have to use their data plans on their phones or tablets. We have a printed sheet framed in our guest bedroom which tells our guests the WiFi password.

10. Extra Hangers

Depending on how long your guests will be staying, it’s nice to give them the option of unpacking and having a place to hang their clothes. Even if someone is just staying one night, they may want to hang up clothing items to keep their clothes looking nice and neat. I like to keep an extra stash of hangers just for my guest bedroom closet.

I love entertaining guests. If I could, I would have someone here every weekend! If you can think of anything I’m missing, let me know! I love hearing other ways I can make my guests feel at home.

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