Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls

Holiday gift guide

This would be a great gift for that little girl who isn’t quite ready to ride her bike without training wheels. This bike allows them to learn how to balance with no training wheels.

Who doesn’t love an easy bake oven!? These are so much fun! While it still requires supervision, this allows little girls (and boys) to easily bake some yummy goodies themselves!

This is a great tablet for games and fun times for those younger kids. There are lots of parental controls you can add to limit screen time plus more.

My daughters love to cook! I’m so glad about that, because I hate it and always have. My husband does the cooking in our house. He loves to teach our girls how to cook. This is one of the best cookbooks for kids we have tried. It has some delicious recipes which are fun for my girls to help cook!

We won a Disney basket in a silent auction at my daughter’s school. This Disney princess necklace kit was in the basket. My youngest daughter absolutely loved it. She loved it so much that she told my niece all about it, so of course my niece also got one and loved it! This is a fun crafty gift that is sure to be loved!

We bought this scooter for my youngest daughter this summer and it was a huge hit. She loves it. It is easy for her to ride due to the two wheels in the front providing extra support. I love giving gifts that encourage getting outside and staying active.

If you know a little girl who loves Disney as much as we do, this would be an amazing gift. There are so many dolls included along with a lot of fun accessories. My youngest daughter got this for Christmas last year. She is still constantly playing with these dolls. These dolls are pricy individually. Buying this kit is a great deal.

Thanks for sticking around for my Holiday Gift Guide series this week!!  Come check out my video below to get further description of these products!

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