Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Lovers

holiday gift guide

Welcome to day three of the Holiday Gift Guide series!

These cameras are so great for taking cute pictures and automatically having something printed to display. Due to the popularity of these cameras, there are so many picture frames and other fun ways to display these prints that are available to buy also.

This car mount is a great multitasker! Not only does it hold your phone up so you can see your GPS, etc. while driving, but it also charges phones that have the wireless charging capability.

For those iPhone lovers out there, this is a great gift! Bluetooth headphones are so great for having the freedom to listen to music while not being tied down with cords to your phone. Great for those gym goers!

This is a great bluetooth speaker for the price! We got one of these for our oldest daughter last year for Christmas and the sound quality is amazing. It also comes in several colors. It will stay charged for a very long time.

I have one of these fast chargers sitting on my desk for work. I love that it is a wireless fast charger, but also holds my phone up to allow me to watch videos or talk on Facetime.

This device is so great for turning your home into a smart home. We have several Google devices in different rooms in our home. This has so many functions from helping you with questions you may need answered, to playing music, to turning off and on your lights! We have set up a lot of rooms in our home with the special plugs and light bulbs to be able to say, “Ok Google, turn off the living room lights”. We even have our Christmas tree set up so Google can turn the Christmas tree lights off and on! There are so many things this Google home is capable of doing!

We recently got the Nest doorbell, and I love it! If someone comes to your door, you are automatically notified on your phone. They don’t have to push the doorbell for it to notify you. If someone is standing within range, it will notify you that someone is near your front door. It will record a video of the person. This also allows you to talk to the person at your door through the doorbell. A lot of people’s homes get broken into during the day when intruders think people aren’t home. If someone were to come to your door at any hour and you weren’t home, you could talk to them through the doorbell and make it appear that you are home, but just unable to answer the door.

What are some of your gift recommendations?  Check out my video listed below for further description of each product!

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