Minivan and Car Organization Hacks

I got my minivan close to a year ago.  I absolutely love it.  Minivans are super cool now right??  Since I had kids, my cars have stayed trashed.  When we bought this van, I vowed I would keep it clean.  I figured I would keep it clean for about a month and then it would continue the same pattern I had with my other cars.  I am surprised to say that I have continued to keep my van clean and organized!

I found some great ways to help me stay clean and organized in my van, and I wanted to share these tips!

I used to throw trash in the space on my driver side door.  Trash would end up getting knocked everywhere through the car.  My first hack is to buy a command strip hook to hang a gift bag up for a DIY trash bag.  I line the gift bag with grocery store bags.  I always have an extra supply of grocery bags in my glove compartment.  When the bag fills up, I throw the grocery bag away and pop in another one!  This keeps the trash in one place and makes it look so much better.

The second hack is to keep essentials stocked up in your van or car.  I included some of my essentials in the picture.  My essentials include the following: swiffer duster to keep all the dust and crumbs away, baby wipes, travel size febreze bottle, a pen and gum.  The essentials will be different for everyone.  Think about those things that you wish you had at certain times, such as baby wipes when your kids are sticky after eating lollipops, and stock up!

My favorite hack of all is to keep emesis (vomit) bags in your car!  Isn’t it the worst when you have a kid say their stomach is hurting and you think there may be a chance of them throwing up in the car!?  I bought these bags from Amazon.  They are the bags that are used in the emergency rooms.  They hold quite a bit and make it convenient if anyone does happen to get sick in the car.

A lot of times, my kids will have screens in the car to stay occupied on long trips.  We try not to let our girls stay on screens all day.  I bought these great lap trays at Hobby Lobby.  They sit right over their laps and have pockets for coloring supplies.  They can also eat on these on long trips!  I always keep these trays in the car along with a bag of coloring supplies. I only allow colored pencils in the van to avoid finding melted crayons.

I share even more hacks in my video on YouTube.  I’ll post it below so you can check out even more helpful tips!  I know these tips have helped me so much to stay clean and organized in my minivan!  I hope this has inspired you to find ways to keep your minivan or car clean and organized!

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