Preparing for the New Week – My Sunday Routine

sunday routine

I love a good relaxing Sunday, but I hate that dread at the end of the day of starting a new work week.  That dread multiplies by about a hundred for me if I know I am not prepared for my upcoming week.  If I can look back on my weekend knowing that we had fun as a family and I did everything I could to get organized and prepared for Monday, I feel much better.

Every weekend I will do our meal planning.  After I have gone through my refrigerator and planned which groceries we need, I will sit down and do my online grocery shopping.  Lately I have even started getting grocery delivery.  Talk about a life changer!  Having the groceries ready to go and my weekly meals planned is so nice!  All I have to worry about each night is cooking our meals instead of needing to plan each day and run to the grocery store to get what we need.

sunday night routine

I rely heavily on my weekly planner.  I like to sit down each weekend and plan my week.  Even though I know which days we have our extracurricular activities and other pre-scheduled activities, I like to write them down to look ahead to see how I need to plan around them.  Of course, adding extra things such as doctor’s appointments, hair appointments, etc. is always important to make sure you don’t forget them!  I like to sit down each night to look at my day ahead of me to pre-plan.  There have been many days that I have done this and been so grateful that I reminded myself of something that was going to happen the next day.

My youngest daughter still relies on me to choose her outfits.  I’m sure she could choose her outfits, but who knows what she would end up wearing every day.  Laying out clothes the night before is very helpful, but in her case, I lay out her weekly outfits for school.  I will choose five outfits including her underwear and socks and place them in a cubby in her closet.  She wakes up each morning and gets the outfit on top.  Then, I don’t have to worry about doing one more thing in the morning while we are trying to get out the door on time!  I will also lay my outfit out for the next day.

Both of my girls are in dance classes.  My youngest daughter has specific clothes she has to wear to her dance class.  I like to make sure her clothes are clean and already packed in her dance bag.  This way when she has dance, I know her outfit is all ready to go.

We are blessed with a nice size playroom, but it gets messy!!  Through the week, we are so busy that most of the time it doesn’t get trashed with toys.  On the weekends, however, my girls usually have plenty of time to make a mess.  On Sundays, I will ask my girls to clean it up.  This way it usually stays nice and clean all week.  I will go around and straighten up the rest of the house while they are cleaning the playroom and their rooms.

Each night before school, including Sunday of course, I make their school lunches.  I pack their lunch at night to avoid rushing in the morning before school.  I would much rather sleep for a few extra minutes in the morning then get up early enough to make sure their lunches are packed!

Our trash guys come very early Monday morning.  Each Sunday, I go through the house and empty our small trash cans and my husband will take the trash can out to the street to get it ready to go.

Each of us have different busy schedules, so each person’s Sunday routine will look different.  I hope this inspired you to find what works best for you and your family to get organized and prepared for your upcoming week!  What do you all do to prepare for your upcoming week?


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