Refrigerator Organization Tips

refrigerator organization

I like to go through my refrigerator to take inventory before grocery shopping.  This helps me avoid buying things when we already have things that should be used before buying more!   I also like to take the time and quickly wipe it down to keep it clean.  I definitely don’t take everything out each week and give it a good deep clean, but just a quick wipe down.

Isn’t it so gross when you find caked up food or even worse… a hair… in your refrigerator!?  Am I the only one who gets completely grossed out at finding a random hair in the fridge?  Now you guys are never going to want to come to my house and eat knowing we get random hairs every now and then in our fridge.  Trust me, when I find them, I don’t want to eat here either.  Am I going overboard?  Maybe.

refrigerator organization

Once a week I love making sure everything is gathered together and organized.  For example, all of the yogurts are together, all the protein shakes together, etc.

After getting our groceries home, I will wash our produce, prepare it, and put it in a Tupperware container to keep it fresh.  This helps us to eat up those fruits and veggies instead of letting them go to waste because we get lazy and don’t feel like washing them.

Want to see my fridge?  Click the link below to see me go through my refrigerator and show in detail what I do to keep it looking pretty organized.

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