Back To School Organization Hacks

back to school

School has been back in session for over a month where we live.  I was happy to see school start back this year!  We had a busy summer with selling our home and moving.  We were ready to get back into the typical back to school routine!  While going back to school can be exciting, it can also be chaotic, busy, and stressful!  I’m sharing some tips that I use each day to help us stay organized and to decrease my stress.

When the girls come home, they immediately empty their backpacks and lay out their folders for me to sign.  If these aren’t on the kitchen counter for me to see, it is too easy to forget.  If I don’t sign these when they come home, I end up scrambling the next morning trying to remember all the things that need to be taken care of before we get out the door.

As long as we don’t have any extracurricular activities after school, the girls usually get about a thirty minute break before doing homework and all the evening things such as chores, showers, etc.  They enjoy coming home and unwinding after school.

One of the most helpful tips I can offer is to lay out your kid’s outfits for the entire week on Sunday night.  My oldest daughter picks out her clothes each night herself, but I lay out my youngest daughter’s weekly outfits each Sunday.  This allows me to do it once and not have to think about it all week long.  She wakes up every morning and already has her clothes picked out for her.

Another super helpful tip is to pack school lunches at night.  I try to pack lunches at night before bed to avoid taking the time to do it in the morning.  Mornings are so much more chaotic when I have to pack lunches before we head out the door.

I rely on my planner and my wall calendar to remind me of upcoming events such as picture day, etc.  I also keep up with which extracurricular activities are coming up.  There is so much to keep up with!  I could never keep up with it all without writing it down!

I have some other tips shown in the video below.  I hope this inspires you to get organized to help decrease stress as you’re getting your kiddos back to school!!