Weekend Coffee Chat

weekend coffee chat

Welcome back to my Weekend Coffee Chat!  I hope you all are having a relaxing start to your Saturday.

I previously mentioned these in my Minivan and Car Organization Hacks post, but I wanted to give them a shout out because they saved me when my youngest daughter recently got a stomach virus.  Using these bags kept everything nice and clean and I didn’t have one mess to clean up!  That was the first stomach virus we have had where I wasn’t constantly cleaning up a mess.

Currently, I’m reading this book.  I just started it and haven’t had much time to jump into it, but I’m really enjoying what I have read!

My dad kept our girls last week for two nights!  My husband and I had fun spending time with each other shopping and going out with friends kids free!  I hope all the dads out there had a great Father’s Day!  My husband had to work so we plan on celebrating Father’s Day tomorrow when he will be home.

I am working on finding the perfect makeup that will give me great coverage but allow me to have a ten minute makeup routine in the mornings when I’m in a hurry.  I have been using this powder with this brush and so far, it’s working out really well!

We have a new week ahead of us and I hope you all enjoy it!

Weekend Coffee Chat

Happy Saturday!  Welcome back to my weekend coffee chat!  I’m enjoying sitting on my patio in the warm weather to drink my morning coffee.  We also redecorated our patio.  I love it!  My girls got out of school this week, so we have officially started summer break!  I couldn’t be happier about that!

We have a fun week ahead of us.  My mom, little brother, and little sister are coming to stay for the week.  We plan on going out and doing some fun things outside, weather permitting.

I got a new haircut recently.  It was a little shorter than I was expecting but I have grown to love it, especially for these hot days!

Did you catch my new YouTube video about some great hacks for keeping your minivan or car organized?  I plan on doing a blog post about it this coming week.  I will include the link to the video.

I bought these new shoes recently.  They are so easy to slip on quickly and get out of the house.  I love the blush color and they are very comfortable!  I usually wear flip flops in the summer, but I have been wearing these quite often.  I also got a pair in gray.  I will probably be living in these when the weather starts getting cooler again.  (Let’s not talk about the weather getting cold again.  We finally got it to warm up!)

My favorite nail color this summer has been from OPI.  I mentioned a favorite top coat during my May favorites video recently.  This top coat from Essie is great to help your polish last longer!

Have you all started online grocery shopping?  If not, why not!?  I started online grocery shopping in my area about six months ago.  I can’t imagine going grocery shopping any other way now!  As you can imagine, going grocery shopping with kids is not always a fun experience.  I knew that ordering groceries online and then pulling into a parking lot and having someone load the groceries into my van would be so convenient, but I didn’t realize how much money I would save!  I spend about half as much on my groceries since starting this.  It’s easy to have those impulse purchases which add up while you’re walking around the grocery store.  When I do it online, I stick to exactly what I need, and I’m not tempted to get a bunch of food we don’t need.  Try it!  Let me know what you think!

I hope you all have an excellent week!