Holiday Gift Guide For Her

holiday gift guide

Welcome to day two of my Holiday Gift Guide series!  We all know those special ladies in our life who we would love to pamper!  These gift ideas would be a safe choice for most women.  I don’t know about you, but if I had twenty pairs of slippers and I received another pair of slippers as a gift, I would be thrilled!  I can’t get enough cozy gifts!  Winter is definitely the perfect time to receive gifts that are comfy and cozy since all you really want to do is get cuddled up on the couch with a nice warm cup of coffee in cozy clothes to stay warm on those cold days!

These socks are so soft and warm!  I work from home, so during the colder months I always have a pair of warm socks on.  Winter is also when our skin typically gets the driest.  It’s a great idea to put a great moisturizer on our feet and put a pair of socks on to help the moisturizer sink in and help our skin stay baby soft!

A great robe is always nice to have.  This robe is not only soft and comfy but also super cute!

I grew up with a family tradition where we opened up one gift on Christmas Eve.  This gift was always a pair of new cute pajamas.  My mom always did a great job of picking out pajamas we would love.  She still continues that tradition and gets us a pair of new pajamas each year.  I love continuing this tradition!  One place that always has adorable and affordable pajamas is Old Navy.

I bought a Yeti tumbler about a year ago.  I use it every day to drink my water.  I will fill it up in the morning with a little bit of ice, and it keeps my water ice cold all day long!  This tumbler will also keep your beverage very hot for a long time.  I once made a cup of warm tea in it before a car trip.  It was almost too hot to drink for a couple hours.

Have you ever watched America’s Test Kitchen?  If not, you definitely should!  Whether someone is an expert chef or a beginner, this cookbook would be great!  They do a great job of creating amazing recipes and explaining it in an easy way to follow.

We got an Instant Pot for Christmas last year from my in-laws.  We have used it just about every week since we got it.  Because these are getting so popular, there are so many cookbooks and recipes online for pressure cookers.  It is amazing how quickly you can cook a great meal with this!!  It’s very easy to use!

Although the Yeti tumbler keeps drinks very cold and hot, I prefer to drink my coffee in an actual coffee mug.  I have loved this Yeti mug to keep my coffee hot for a long time!  If I use a normal coffee mug, I usually have to microwave it about four or five times before I finish the cup.  This mug keeps my coffee warm until I finish it.

This is the devotional journal I use daily.  It’s great to write your daily thoughts in while spending time in God’s word.  It gives a Bible verse to read and plenty of space to write your thoughts and things you are grateful for each day.  It comes in different colors, and they are all super cute!

What are some of your suggestions for gifts for those special ladies in our lives?  Check out my video below for further descriptions of each product!