My Summer Evening Routine

evening routine
I don’t know about you, but I thrive on routine.  I have an evening routine that has helped me to stay organized and more relaxed before bedtime.  My summer routine tends to be quite a bit different than other times through the year.  My girls are in school so the rest of the year we have homework and a lot of other things that keep us super busy.  I love our summer evening routine because it is a lot more laid-back and fun!

I think having a great evening routine sets you up for success the next day.

After getting off work, we will have dinner.  I am not the greatest cook.  My husband does the cooking when he is not working.  If he is not home, I usually cook something quick and easy.  I try to avoid eating out all the time, but I do pick up dinner for us occasionally.

After eating dinner, we will clean up the kitchen.  My older daughter’s main chore is to unload and re-load the dishwasher.  She will usually do this, and I will finish washing the rest of the dishes and clean the surfaces in the kitchen.  Having a clean kitchen to wake up to the next morning relieves so much stress for me!

Because my girls are out of school and at home playing with their toys all day, there’s usually a pretty good mess to clean up in their rooms and in the living room.  The girls will clean up their toys and I usually straighten up the rest of the house quickly.  I just can’t relax at the end of the night if my living room has toys everywhere.

After the house has been straightened up quickly, the girls will get ready for bed.  This includes showers, pajamas and teeth brushing.  My older daughter picks out her clothes in the morning, but I always lay my younger daughter’s outfit out for the next day.  This allows her to easily get up in the morning and not have to wait for me to pick out her clothes.

Before bed, we will usually read a book and say our prayers.  I tuck them in and then it’s mommy’s time!  Some days I am counting down to bedtime from the moment I wake up in the morning!

I love to shower at night.  This allows me to go to bed with a clean body and clean face!  I am terrible at getting lazy at night and not washing my makeup off before bed.  I know how terrible this is for my skin, so I have made it a goal to shower each night and wash my face.  After my shower, I have my night time skin care routine.  It feels so great to climb into bed at night after a long hot shower.

I like to lay out my clothes for the next day.  Because I work from home, my outfit usually consists of some leggings and a comfy shirt, but it still helps having it all ready to go in the morning.

One of my favorite things to do at night to relax is to sit with my husband and watch TV.  We enjoy that alone time.

Before going to bed, I like to take a quick peek at my planner.  There have been many times that I was so happy I looked at my plans for the next day because there was something I needed to do the night before that I would have forgotten about.  It helps to set yourself up for success by doing a tiny bit of pre-planning for the next day!

I hope this has helped inspire you to come up with an organized evening routine!  My mornings are so much more successful because of my evening routine.  These small things I do each night help me so much!

I’m including the link to my YouTube video to show you guys more about our evening routine!!  What are some things you all do to help set yourself up for success the next day?